Friday, October 21, 2011

iPad Blog-Week4

This week was quite interesting due to my students having to take the Math Benchmark, finding time in time in the schedule to work with my students and bringing the iPad back into the classroom after being stolen. Thankfully it was returned in solid condition. As soon as my students noticed that the iPad was back in my possession the questions were set in motion. I tried to disregard some of the comments by just exclaiming that we were very fortunate to have it back but I will be very reluctant and careful about leaving the classroom unlocked. At first my students were a little nervous about using the iPad but after a few moments it was like the weeks before. I think that we all were able to let out guards down just a little in order to have fun using it once again. As the week progressed my uneasiness slacked off a bit. My students were just as eager as day one to read with me. I can see how much some of them have improved over the small course of time. In math class we discussed line graphs so I am now going to integrate that in with using the iPad so that my students can log their own progress to see how their reading fluency has changed over time.

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