Saturday, November 19, 2011

iPad Blog-Week 7

This week my students were able to integrate reading with math. They used the skills that was learned in math this week on median, mode and range to find their reading average. My students were very impressed with using their numbers to locate each average. Some of them saw where they have made great leaps and jumps and others saw where they need to make improvement. Every student made goals to where they would want to be and as a class we have decided to look at averages over the next few weeks. I am still excited about their engagement and excitement with reading or trying different things to help improve their reading. The whole goal of this activity was to help my students understand data and how it can be used to set goals, show a trend in reading achievement.

Friday, November 11, 2011

iPad Blog-Week 6

Another week has passed and my students are still working hard. I am enthused that they are still engaged and making improvements in their reading. After seeing the results of their reading benchmarks I conclude that the app that I am using to help improve their reading fluency has produced positive results. Many of my below level readers have made progress in their reading. Even though they are not reading on grade level, gradually improvement are being made. Reading fluency is not the only thing increasing but self-esteem and self-confidence as well. As students make progress in reading, they gain self-confidence and begin to experience the joy of learning. This improved self-esteem often carries over to improved academics and behavior. They are no longer ashamed to read aloud in class, their participation has sparked and when reading tries to decode words by themselves or asks for help. My goal is to continue to utilize the app to uplift and help my students reach success. I do predict that my students will continue to grow both academically and personally.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

iPad Blog-Week 5

I am so impressed with the improvement my students are making in their fluency with reading. To be honest I was a little skeptical in the beginning because I did not know if this application would really be successful but
as I researched ways to help student reading and comprehension I learned that “Fluency provides a bridge between word recognition and comprehension.” so I continued with the study to see if it would really improve their reading skills. As time progresses so have some of my students fluency. I now have 5 students who have skipped 2 reading levels on the application that is presently being used. The amount of words that are read with no miscues or errors is amazing. When comparing the amount of words read by my students to the required expectations, my students are making great progress due to the fact that I have (4) K-1 grade readers, (12) 2nd grade readers and (4) 3rd grade readers.                                                                            "Typical” first graders read 60 wpm.
“Typical” second graders read 70 wpm.
“Typical” third graders read 80 wpm.